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Can I Hire Any Contractor To Handle My Demolition?

The short answer is yes, however you need to make sure that the contractor is properly licensed in the state of California. Montejo Demolotion Experts is properly licensed and insured to handle all of your demo needs!

Is A Permit Required For Demolition?

In the city of Los Angeles, a permit is required when demolishing any building or structure on private property. You can obtain such permits through the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.

Can Montejo Demolition Experts Assist With The Permit Process?

Any reputable contractor can and should assist their clients with the permit process. Have questions? Give us a call: (818) 579-9909

Do I Need To Have My Structure/Building Inspected Before Demo?

Yes, any building or structure being demolished in Los Angeles must be inspected prior to work.

Am I Responsible For The Materials And Debris From My Demolition?

Yes, in fact in the city of Los Angeles you are required to recycle 50% of the debris from your demolition project. During the permit pulling process an RRP (Recycling and Reuse Plan) must be submitted and explains how this will be accomplished. 

How the debris and material is removed from your property is completely up to you. The only caveat here is that whoever hauls the debris must be a permitted hauler with the city of Los Angeles. Montejo Demolition Experts is fully licensed and permitted to handle the removal of all your debris and material.

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